GoneToPlaid's Lunar Explorations in Google Moon

The following table contains download links for GoneToPlaid's Google Earth KMZ files for use when switching to Google Moon. The master KMZ file contains all of subset KMZ files. The revision date indicates the date that the master KMZ file and any of the subset KMZ files were last updated or when new subset KMZ files were added.

After you have downloaded the master KMZ file, then you only need to download any revised subset KMZ file (as indicatated below in bold under the Current Revision Date) or any newly added subset KMZ file instead of having to download the master KMZ file again. It is best to delete the previous version KMZ file which you have previously imported into Google Earth and then import the latest version of the same KMZ file. This will assure that any outdated or incorrect data is removed from your copy of Google Earth.

GoneToPlaid's Google Moon KMZ Files
File Name File Type File Size (KB) Current Revision Date Previous Revision Date Comments
GoneToPlaid_Lunar_Explorations.kmz Master KMZ 111,521 08/19/2011 08/08/2011 This master KMZ file contains all of the following KMZ files.
Apollo_11.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 48,941 08/19/2011 07/18/2011 Lots of new stuff are included in the latest file.
Apollo_12.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 6,248 05/24/2011 None.  
Apollo_14.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 2,622 05/24/2011 None.  
Apollo_15.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 16,247 05/24/2011 None.  
Apollo_16.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 4,742 05/25/2011 05/24/2011  
Apollo_17.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 28,620 08/08/2011 05/24/2011 Replaced the LRO image overlay with a 1 meter resolution LRO image.
Ina.kmz Subset of Master KMZ 4,292 08/15/2011 05/24/2011 The enigmatic lunar surface feature named Ina.
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